We all know that our body is the temple of our soul. Therefore, we have to keep this temple clean, light, pure and tidy. Our principal concern is to maintain our body in good health. Scientists have unambiguously proven that there are two major factors causing health problems:


You will agree that fighting stress is a very difficult task. However, the choice of the food we eat is totally in our hands. Today we will be talking about food – modern science is so advanced that there already are strictly individual tests that may give you 100% accurate information about how your body processes each type of food and which types of food it fails to process properly. Do not be surprised if these are the so-called ‘weight-loss foods’ which are included in every diet.

What we offer you is a food intolerance test: VEGA TEST.
It will help you learn which foods are best for YOU. Personally best.
This is as strictly individual as your fingerprints, for example.

The Vega Test is based on modern computer technology which performs a bio energy test for our intolerance to food and drinks, including all sorts of products present in our menu – all types of meat, fish, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, nuts, pasta, spices, sweeteners, drinks, including alcoholic drinks, even chocolate and cigarettes. This test gives you information about the bio energy field of your body, and you get information about the level of preservatives and toxins, and the nicotine level in your body.

Foods are tested one by one; the Vega Test does require blood samples, it is absolutely painless and even enjoyable. Our intolerance to certain foods is not for life and is not inheritable. This test shows which foods our body tolerates well and processes properly, transforming them into energy. It also shows which foods it does not tolerate well, takes a lot to process, and therefore accumulates in fat depots, residues and toxins.
The results are filled in special forms which are given to you after the procedure.

When the different types of food are tested, you get one of these three options: some are coloured in red and these are the foods that your body cannot process, or in other words, these are the types of food which cause all your gastrointestinal discomforts and problems, and as a result, all other disorders and disease that affect your body. They are the ones to blame for excessive weight and toxins. The foods coloured in orange impede your digestion to some degree. Those in green are the ones which you tolerate best. YOUR personal foods!!! From that moment on you can consider yourself a lucky person, because eating these green types of food:

YOU will get rid of all excessive kilograms without any effort

YOUR blood pressure will go to normal

YOU WILL forget about acid reflux, gastritis, colitis, constipation, haemorrhoids and all other disorders related to indigestion

YOU WILL increase your potency

YOU WILL work better and be more focused and full of energy

YOUR BODY – this perfect machine – will free itself of all harmful collections, grains, heavy metals, poisons

BY CONSUMING THE FOODS coloured in green you will get rid of cellulites, slow down the ageing process, get rid of acne, pigmented spots, and your skin will get a naturally healthy look.

And something very important:

Take this test, it is a priceless investment. The benefits you will get cannot be bought with money. You will work better, become more focused and full of energy. Your body – this perfect machine – will free itself of all harmful collections, grains, heavy metals, poisons.
This is a gift that you MUST give to yourself, to your children and loved ones.

Why is the VEGA test so beneficial?

You can achieve the following results:

  • REDUCE and control your weight! You eat only the types of food that the test showed that you tolerate well – those which your body processes best. Thus you maintain good metabolism, you are less exposed to the risk of getting overweight, and you feel well and healthy.
  • GET an accurate dietary regime if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. It is very important to provide good nutrition to the baby, to help the mother reduce accumulated weight and restore her good looks.
  • HELP children and young people learn how to eat healthily by choosing the foods their body tolerates best – without getting depressed as a result of different diets and without getting disorders such as bulimia, anorexia.
  • ADHERENCE to the results of the test and inclusion in the diet of foods which the body tolerates best may help improve the condition of people suffering from diabetes, gout, cardiovascular and renal disorders, etc. It is ESSENTIAL that they should be aligned with the diet that is typical for people suffering from such diseases.
  • BENEFICIAL to various problems with indigestion. They get milder, and some of them even disappear altogether shortly after the person starts eating only the foods that his/her body tolerates well.
  • THIS refers also to various skin disorders, such as acne, pigmented spots, etc.

Vega Test details:
- one person  – 100EUR