Management and Maintenance

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Brief presentation of the services included in the annual maintenance fee;

• Service and maintenance of facilities, and underground communications infrastructure

• Keeping the village hygienic and clean (this service does not include waste and disposal collection. It is a duty of the municipal companies);

• Maintenance, pruning, irrigation and renovation of the green areas, trees and flower plants in the village;

• Organization and management of internal and external security of the complex. This includes;: organizing the admission in the complex, internal and external, 365 days /24 hours security and procedures regarding unauthorized access of people who do not live in the complex. 365 days/24 hours CCTV security of the inner routes, paths, parking areas, sidewalks and walkways;

• Maintenance of outdoor facilities and equipment. This includes maintenance of the multi-purpose field for mini-soccer and basketball, gym, playground and others;

• Maintenance, pruning, irrigation and renovation of green areas, trees and the flower plants in the yards;

• Maintenance of the swimming pools; technical and hygienic maintenance of outdoor pools located in the yards, including; basic initial cleaning before the start of the summer season, weekly cleaning and treatment with medications during the season and final winterizing after the end of the summer season.

• Organization and management of payments related to the use of equipment and common facilities in the complex.


Management and maintenance fee, paid by the property owners, is a guarantee of quality service. The fee is charged per calendar year.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The due annual fee for maintenance of common areas does not cover repairs or problems arising from unforeseen developments.

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