About the complex

“Eden Park” is one of the most prestigious and luxurious  complexes not only on Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but also in Europe. Designed with the intention to become a fabulous place to live, even for the most discerning tastes, the complex is literally a true jewel.

There is a maximum variety of amenities and opportunities for active recreation and entertainment. The modern style complex spreads over an area of 400,000 m ² and has 250 houses. The villas are designed in typical Mediterranean style, just 2 km. from the sand dunes of the biggest Bulgarian resort - Sunny Beach. The complex offers houses for sale and rent which will charm you the moment you see them.

“Eden Park " combines everything you need for a wonderful vacation or a permanent residence. The project is specifically designed to give you the whole space and comfort you need. It will brighten your holidays and will bring harmony, pleasure and perfection in your life. There, you, your family and friends will discover the secret of the good life and the enjoyment of a genuine vacation. This will be your dream Haven, where you can escape from the hectic life of the big city. Complete relaxation, positive emotions, peace and security are the things that make life worth living. “Eden Park "Ltd. offers houses for sale, houses for rental at a reasonable price. To become an owner of one of the unique villas is the best investment for you and your family. Invest in affordable luxury and beauty, harmony, comfort and security.

The main concept of “Eden Park " is to be a unique style compound on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It offers not just homes for sale or for rent, but also provides numerous services to its dwellers. The complex is nicely landscaped. The common areas are well maintained. The architecture is unique, focusing on the detail. Beginning with 2016 there will be a luxury spa with indoor pool, winter garden, a relaxation area, a vitamin bar, a steam bath, Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and a massage parlor. An outdoor pool in a shape of a lagoon with an impressive size - 3000 m ² is also going to be built. There, one can enjoy a relaxation zone with loungers and cabanas. Lift-benches in the water will complement the uniqueness of this utility. A bar in the pool with a wide selection of refreshing drinks and cocktails will also be available to dwellers and tenants. Construction of a garden restaurant, which will offer a great choice of a Mediterranean dishes and drinks, healthy food , consistent with the requirements of the most avid fans of healthy and organic food, is a part of our concept- complete satisfaction of our customers’ needs. The construction of a spacious fitness center, gym for spinning, aerobics, yoga and stretching, 5 outdoor tennis courts, and lighted football and basketball courts that can be used in the cool evening hours are planned to be build. Indoor tennis court, children's playground with a kid’s pool, supermarket, medical center, pharmacy and spacious reception with conservatory complete the list of services we offer. The common recreation area will be 40 000m ².

The first stage of this exclusive project will be completed by 01.06.2015 and will consist of 22 family houses. All of them will be located in the northwestern part. Each of them will have its own plot, an area between 600 to 1000 m ². Private landscaped yards facing southeast with incredible panorama will be an integral part of every property. All of the houses offered for sale are single-family ones, unattached to prevent mutual shading. The verdure visually separates the properties from each other and provides an adequate privacy for the best comfort. The fences are low, unobtrusive, providing enough privacy. Common areas are elegant and stylish, in keeping with the nature of the complex and the need for privacy and comfort. The design and architecture are different and unique. The houses are designed for people - connoisseurs of luxury, which is always linked with the spaciousness of the rooms. The common vision of the villas is spacious and light, the interior spaces are bright and wide. Simultaneously, the villas create a sense of security and comfort. Greenery from the garden of each villa visually presents in the overall interior of the houses thanks to the large French windows. Exterior relies on natural materials - a guarantee for style and quality. The result is a harmonious and relaxing environment, designed with an attention to comfort and details, expressed and subordinated to the main Mediterranean style. The houses provided for sale, combine dreams, luxury and comfort all in one.

         The Complex offers for sale and for rent houses and villas fully furnished with an own pool and all of the necessary amenities.

The houses are on a plot, 140 m ².- 600 m ². The large bright spaces, ceilings higher than 4 m. and top quality French windows give a sense of space and freedom. This feeling is complemented by every piece of the furniture and interior solutions that are fully in tune with the Mediterranean style.

      The complex offers not only houses and villas for sale, but much more. All this is combined with excellent on-site service, provided by a team of experienced professionals in the field of management and maintenance of holiday estates. The dwellers of “Eden Park " will be offered all kinds of services regarding the properties - cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, babysitting, gardening maintenance etc.


Technical Specification                

All villas are built with the most up to date building materials from leading European manufacturers.

The houses are available with separate, individual sunshaded parking lot or garage, landscaped yard and pool.




  • Plaster – an ornamental drag silicon-based
  • Facing and decoration – made of natural stone – whitе marble, type “Antique”
  • Waterproofing – dual ingredient hydro insulation, cement based - throughout the entire house
  • Thermal Insulation - EPS facade polystyrene panels - 50 mm thickness, "Weber" made
  • Roof – pitched, made of concrete and covered with ceramic tiles "Mediterranean"style, mounted on planking with bituminous waterproofing, finished with decorative frieze "Mediterranean"style consisting of three rows roof-tiles.
  • Parking lot-paved with colored decorative cobbles. It is covered with a removable electric awning mounted on columns, shaped in the style of the house.
  • Swimming pool – situates against the central terrace. It has a water playground and a two-legged ladder. The pool is tiled with natural marble.
  • Fence – the plot of the property is surrounded by hedges and ornamental plants. The porch to the property is marked with columns faced with natural stones.
  • Landscaping - the plot of the property is shaped and planted with grass and landscape groups of exotic Mediterranean trees and shrubs. The verdure includes 12 and 15 year coniferous trees of the species "Pinus Pinea". There is a rockery with 10 plant species.

Irrigation- there is an automatic irrigative system.

Alleys are tiled with marble slabs.

The balconies of the houses are decorated with pots of flowers and ornamental shrubs.

• Outdoor lighting

- The approach to the house is functionally lighted up. The parking space and driveways in the yard are also lit up.

 - The main landscaping features of the yard, the architecture of the house and the pool are effectively highlighted. The pool has an additional backlight.


Finishing stage of the interior decoration

Building materials from well renowned European manufacturers of top quality and design are used in the finishing works of the houses.

         Finishing - "turnkey, fully furnished.”

 - The houses are completely finished. They are fully furnished with furniture made by renowned Italian manufacturers. The houses are equipped with all appliances, air conditioners, heaters, bathroom accessories and interior lighting.

 - Finishing jobs- plasters, grouts, putties, flooring, interior and facade lighting, mobile power awning of the parking space and the main terraces of the houses, garden furniture.

Technical specification of finishing jobs:

  • Flooring - living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, and landing – genuine marble cut to size.
  • Walls - plastered with lime solution, then plastered and finished with a fine plaster.
  • Loft – covered with rock wool insulation, 10 cm thick, fitted with suspended ceiling of plasterboard and shaped with decorative wooden beams
  • Woodwork - PVC 5 chambers woodwork. "Golden oak" color - 32mm. glazed opening parts type  sliding
  • Front door – made of solid wood, color “Mahogany" with hand-painted stained glass.
  • Air conditioning system - network of canals; with built-in internal convectors.



Specification of interior

  • Corridor (hallway) – It has an interior lighting - crystal chandeliers and sconces, console with a mirror
  • Lounge with sitting room and Kitchenette
  • Lounge – It is upholstered furnished, carpets, curtains, crystal lighting, decorations and indoor plants
  • Dining room - table, chairs, furniture, crystal lamps, decorations
  • Kitchenette – kitchen units with electrical appliances and marble countertops.
  • All of the furniture, accessories and decorations are designer’s, made by renowned European manufacturers.



  • Flooring - natural marble cut to size.
  • Walls - natural marble cut to size.
  • Equipment;
  • Double wash-basin – a set of cabinets, wash-basin and taps.
  • Shower-bath –It has a hardened glass all around.
  • Bath-tub – It is a freestanding one.
  • Toilet room – It has a one piece type of toilet and a bidet.
  • Ceiling – It has a concealed lighting and central one as well.
  • There is also a fan to the vent.
  • Sockets and switches for the lights and ventilation.

About Sunny beach

 “Sunny Beach” is one of the largest and most attractive resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which is famous for its clean beaches. That’s why, in 1995, the French awarded a “Blue Flag" eco-prize to it. The Sunny Beach building began more than half a century ago. The name was not chosen by chance. It is located on one of the sunniest spots of the coast line. This particular place has around 300 sunny days per year.


It is only 35 km. away from the city of Bourgas and its international airport. “Sunny Beach” is an easy accessible destination for travellers from around the world. And the proximity to the ancient city of Nesebar , makes it an attractive place. The place combines ancient, historical sites and modern entertainment venues.

  “Sunny Beach” is located in an eco- clean area on a Gulf. It has an eight kilometer long sandy beach in a shape of a crescent. The fact that one of the last hills of the Balkan Mountains are precisely a few km away from “Sunny Beach” makes the area very picturesque with a stunning view. These landmarks are a natural habitat for rare plant and animal species. Some of them are listed in the Bulgaria’s Red Book of species.


 The climate is a sea one. Its features are; a beautiful and sunny spring, hot summer with a refreshing sea breeze, warm autumns and mild winters with almost no snow.

 There are hypothermal, strongly mineralized water springs in the region of “Sunny Beach”. The rapid development of the SPA tourism is due to these springs. Therefore, the resort attracts millions of tourists not just because of its natural beauty, but also because of the many wellbeing and SPA services. There are variety of accommodation’s options - hotels, villas, guest houses and flats of different categories. The amusement facilities are also highly varied - restaurants, bars, discos, amusement parks.


Water fun fans can enjoy many water attractions as; slides, pools, jet rental, water pedal boats. There are also air attractions – gliders’ flights, balloons’ flights, parachutes. There is a big choice for the fans of art as well - summer theaters, concerts of famous musicians and pop, jazz and hip hop stars. There are various exhibitions which are held on the  the stages in the ancient town of Nessebar. The town is one of the oldest cultural monuments protected by UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization)

На територията на курорта действат и три вида еко транспорт – мини влак, велорикши и велосипеди.

С годините Слънче бряг се е превърнал в предпочитано място за почивка от млади хора, семейства с деца, дори и възрастни.

About Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is a small and picturesque country located in South- Eastern Europe and north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is situated on the west coast of the Black Sea, with Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, and Serbia and Macedonia to the west. Considering its small size, Bulgaria has a great variety of topographical features. Even within small parts of the country, the land may be divided into plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, basins, gorges, and deep river valleys. Bulgaria has a total border of about 2,264 km. Rivers account for about 680 km and the Black Sea coast for 400 km. The maximum length of the country from west to east is 520 km and the distance from north to south - 330 km.
  • Area: 110.9 thousand sq. km.                                                             
  • Capital: Sofia.
  • Population: 7,576,751 people (2010)
  • Time zone: GMT +2
  • Language: Bulgarian (the earliest written record Slavic language)
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox
  • Climate: The country lies between the strongly contrasting continental and Mediterranean climatic zones. In the northern parts of the country is temperate - continental and south - Mediterranean. There are well defined four seasons. Average annual temperature is 10.5 degrees

Bulgaria has exceptional scenery and amazing biodiversity. Much of the territory is covered by mountains, which have great forests, waterfalls, caves and many species that are rarely found in other parts of Europe. There are over 3200 plant species. One of the country symbols is the Bulgaria’s rose.

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic. Its national symbols are; the flag, the anthem, coat of arms and the Guard.

The Bulgarian currency is called Lev (BGN), the exchange rate is fixed to the euro (1 € = 1.95583 Lev). Almost in all of shops in the country, unless payment is in cash, one can use debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express )

Medical services to the foreigners are paid, so it is advisable to have a medical insurance bought in advance which will cover any costs. Neither there are risks of diseases in Bulgaria, nor is prior immunization required.

The phone code of Bulgaria is 00359. Mobile operators are; M-Tel, Telenor, Vivacom. All of them offer mobile Interenet. Most of the public places have free Wi - Fi.

Bulgarian cuisine can suit every taste. The main part of the dishes is different vegetables, various kinds of fresh meat, freshwater and marine fish.

Besides the sandy beaches, Bulgaria has breathtaking mountains and ancient cities, architectural monuments and interesting museums. The rich cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria is highly appreciated by UNESCO and the Organization has 9 Bulgarian sites.